// Default returns an Importer for the compiler that built the running binary. // If available, the result implements types.ImporterFrom. func Default() types.Importer


// For calls ForCompiler with a new FileSet. // // Deprecated: Use ForCompiler, which populates a FileSet // with the positions of objects created by the importer. func For(compiler string, lookup Lookup) types.Importer


// ForCompiler returns an Importer for importing from installed packages // for the compilers "gc" and "gccgo", or for importing directly // from the source if the compiler argument is "source". In this // latter case, importing may fail under circumstances where the // exported API is not entirely defined in pure Go source code // (if the package API depends on cgo-defined entities, the type // checker won't have access to those). // // The lookup function is called each time the resulting importer needs // to resolve an import path. In this mode the importer can only be // invoked with canonical import paths (not relative or absolute ones); // it is assumed that the translation to canonical import paths is being // done by the client of the importer. // // A lookup function must be provided for correct module-aware operation. // Deprecated: If lookup is nil, for backwards-compatibility, the importer // will attempt to resolve imports in the $GOPATH workspace. func ForCompiler(fset *token.FileSet, compiler string, lookup Lookup) types.Importer