GoThrough hosts a searchable index of exported members in the Go standard library and a selection of hosted packages.

You can use and combine the following tags to refine and customize your query.

 count  c Maximum number of results returned (default 32). reader count:4
 package  p Only show results from this package. package:regexp p:strings replace
-package -p Don't show results from this package. status -p:http
 type  t Only show results of this type (const, var, function, interface). reader type:interface
-type -t Don't show results of this type (const, var, function, interface). err -type:function -t:interface

archive/tar archive/zip bufio bytes cmd/api cmd/cover cmd/dist cmd/pack compress/bzip2 compress/flate compress/gzip compress/lzw compress/zlib container/heap container/list container/ring context crypto crypto/aes crypto/cipher crypto/des crypto/dsa crypto/ecdsa crypto/ed25519 crypto/elliptic crypto/hmac crypto/md5 crypto/rand crypto/rc4 crypto/rsa crypto/sha1 crypto/sha256 crypto/sha512 crypto/subtle crypto/tls crypto/x509 database/sql database/sql/driver debug/dwarf debug/elf debug/gosym debug/macho debug/pe debug/plan9obj encoding encoding/ascii85 encoding/asn1 encoding/base32 encoding/base64 encoding/binary encoding/csv encoding/gob encoding/hex encoding/json encoding/pem encoding/xml errors expvar flag fmt go/ast go/build go/constant go/doc go/format go/importer go/parser go/printer go/scanner go/token go/types hash hash/adler32 hash/crc32 hash/crc64 hash/fnv hash/maphash html html/template image image/color image/color/palette image/draw image/gif image/jpeg image/png index/suffixarray io io/ioutil log log/syslog math math/big math/bits math/cmplx math/rand mime mime/multipart mime/quotedprintable net net/http net/http/cgi net/http/cookiejar net/http/fcgi net/http/httptest net/http/httptrace net/http/httputil net/http/pprof net/mail net/rpc net/rpc/jsonrpc net/smtp net/textproto net/url os os/exec os/signal os/user path path/filepath plugin reflect regexp regexp/syntax runtime runtime/debug runtime/pprof runtime/trace sort strconv strings sync sync/atomic syscall syscall/js testing testing/iotest testing/quick text/scanner text/tabwriter text/template text/template/parse time unicode unicode/utf16 unicode/utf8 unsafe