// ErrMessageTooLarge is returned by ReadForm if the message form // data is too large to be processed. var ErrMessageTooLarge = errors.New("multipart: message too large")


// File is an interface to access the file part of a multipart message. // Its contents may be either stored in memory or on disk. // If stored on disk, the File's underlying concrete type will be an *os.File. type File interface { io.Reader io.ReaderAt io.Seeker io.Closer }


// NewReader creates a new multipart Reader reading from r using the // given MIME boundary. // // The boundary is usually obtained from the "boundary" parameter of // the message's "Content-Type" header. Use mime.ParseMediaType to // parse such headers. func NewReader(r io.Reader, boundary string) *Reader


// NewWriter returns a new multipart Writer with a random boundary, // writing to w. func NewWriter(w io.Writer) *Writer