// CanonicalMIMEHeaderKey returns the canonical format of the // MIME header key s. The canonicalization converts the first // letter and any letter following a hyphen to upper case; // the rest are converted to lowercase. For example, the // canonical key for "accept-encoding" is "Accept-Encoding". // MIME header keys are assumed to be ASCII only. // If s contains a space or invalid header field bytes, it is // returned without modifications. func CanonicalMIMEHeaderKey(s string) string


// Dial connects to the given address on the given network using net.Dial // and then returns a new Conn for the connection. func Dial(network string, addr string) (*Conn, error)


// NewConn returns a new Conn using conn for I/O. func NewConn(conn io.ReadWriteCloser) *Conn


// NewReader returns a new Reader reading from r. // // To avoid denial of service attacks, the provided bufio.Reader // should be reading from an io.LimitReader or similar Reader to bound // the size of responses. func NewReader(r *bufio.Reader) *Reader


// NewWriter returns a new Writer writing to w. func NewWriter(w *bufio.Writer) *Writer


// TrimBytes returns b without leading and trailing ASCII space. func TrimBytes(b []byte) []byte


// TrimString returns s without leading and trailing ASCII space. func TrimString(s string) string